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cook, eat & have fun

cook, eat & have fun

cook, eat & have fun cook, eat & have fun cook, eat & have fun

About Cooking Classes at Isabel's House


Hello, I'm Isabel Cotarelo

Hello, I'm Isabel Cotarelo

Hello, I'm Isabel Cotarelo


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a family of very inventive and skillful cooks who allowed me in the kitchen and taught me many tricks and techniques. Later on, when I began taking cooking classes in NY and abroad I learned that those techniques have specific names. I’m very thankful for that informal teaching filled with love and creativity that helped develop my passion for cooking, eating and entertaining.

I came to NYC thirty-five years ago pursuing a career in the arts. I raised my family in Downtown Manhattan, while working as a Guidance Counselor for the NYC Department of Education. I cooked for family and friends, for every wedding, birthday, shower, celebration and holiday. I also had a catering service that offered weekly prepared meals delivered to people’s doors.

In 2010, I began teaching cooking classes from my loft and ‘Cooking at Isabel’s House’ was born.

Now retired, my husband and I moved to Kingston, NY and I’m ready to offer cooking classes here in the Hudson Valley.


Why I'm teaching to cook

Hello, I'm Isabel Cotarelo

Hello, I'm Isabel Cotarelo


The menu's planning, the shopping for special ingredients, the smell of the spices, the stories behind certain dishes, working in the kitchen, the solving of problems on your feet while keeping your smile, the long conversations after every meal,  the satisfaction of making something that helps gather people, connect cultures and ethnicities around a table, and enjoy life. Those are the reasons that motivate me to teach others how to cook and entertain.


Cooking and eating: Making a community.


Prices & Registration

Hello, I'm Isabel Cotarelo

Prices & Registration


Classes are 4 hours of hands-on cooking. After which, you’ll sit down to dinner.

Ingredients and a package with recipes are included.


10% discount for 4 classes

Invite a guest for dinner: $20

To register please email me using the link at the bottom of the page.



My dear fellow cooks

First of all I hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and dreaming of a great future. 

Since Covid19 has changed all our plans, projects and schedules, I decided to cancel all classes until this nightmare is over.

Hopefully, I'll be able to offer a Summer class, but I'm definitely aiming for a September grand class! I promise to keep the Easy French menu first on the list of offerings.

Meantime, check my blog Cooking in the Time of Coronavirus, at the bottom of this page, where I'll periodically post recipes, tips an ideas.

Please take good care of yourselves and cook, eat and have fun!!



Winter-Spring 2020 Classes - CANCELLED



Easy French Menu

I grew up eating these dishes cooked by my grandmother or my mother. I love sharing these recipes with others and hopefully they will become part of your family's favorites as well.

Beef Bourguignon

Buttered Rice

Savory Crepes

Raw Beets Salad

Onions and Goat Cheese Quiche

My Mom’s Apple Tart


The Central American and Caribbean Collection

It was difficult to choose from these countries’ many dishes. I chose Yuca Rellena because you will find a variation of these fritters everywhere you go. I had Baked Plantains with Pineapplemany times in Costa Rica, it can be eaten as a side dish accompanying meat, rice or eggs, or as a simple dessert. Guyana brings us an array of Indian, African and Caribbean flavors in its dishes and in this class you will prepare a delicious Pumpkin Curry. Any time of the year you prepare Jamaican Shrimp Salad you will feel like you are on vacation in paradise. Tres Leches Cake is a staple all throughout the region, and this recipe is so easy to make that it will become your pot luck dish for the year. 


Summer Tapas

Menu TBA

Cooking in the Time of Coronavirus




Contact Isabel

Are you ready to get started

If you have questions about the classes, registration or transportation and accommodations in Kingston don't hesitate to email me. I answer emails within 24 hours.

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